Friday, February 3, 2012

Pieces I've Done For Others

For about 9 months now... I've advertised on a local yard sale site about my services... painting furniture.

At first I was under charging... really. I love doing it so much, I was almost doing it for free. Luckily a friend from church asked me about it and really helped me with prices.

This is one of the first pieces I did for a client, I seriously loved this piece. I would have kept it in a heart beat. They had already ordered what hardware they wanted for it, but did not have it in for pictures when I was finished with it. You can see a HUGE transformation in the piece...

This is the picture the client sent me in an email.. it was much worse in person. What you don't see are the rodents nests INSIDE of it. 
The client purchased this though a yard sale site. It was "ucky" luckily Kilz helped me solve lots of problems (even nicotine).

Another piece I completed was a VERY large dresser. 

I met Sallie though this piece and how lucky I was to have met her and her sons. 
 She wanted a totally new look for her bedroom furniture
  (I also did a large nightstand and mirror)

And here it was when I was finished with it.

Now.. on to a HUGE piece I did. 

I was so very scared about this piece...

a HUGE hutch for Lianne

Luckily, she knew exactly what she wanted and had everything prepared.

Sorry I did NOT take very good before pictures

After I finished it...

It was beautiful... I saved Liannes email from when she got to see it in her home. 
I was nervous, after all her husband was a painter!

" Hi Jennifer.....I am going to type in CAPS so you can "HEAR" my EXCITEMENT!!!
I don't understand how you did it with the glazes and such, but it looks awesome!!!
This day has been so long, dragging on while I just could not wait to get home. Then I met Paul at Bible study after work. Afterwards, I said I'm going home,hoping he would go pick up our daughter at youth group and I could get home to check out the hutch. He said..."But I want to see your face when you see it!" Soooo...I had to drive back to the church , get our daughter and FINALLY make it home!
Then when I got here they made me cover my eyes and stand in front of it then let me look.
I love it and will send some pictures once I get it all set up.
Thanks for a great job!!! "

Well... those are some pieces I've done for people... 

I hope they enjoy them as much as I enjoyed doing them!

Momma Hens Coop

The Southern Institute


  1. Thanks for stopping by!!!! Love love love your style!!!!

  2. Those look great! I'm about to tackle my first project like this. Gives me hope that I can do it!

    1. Oh Melanna you can do it! Just take your time and do each step :) Just let me know if you would like some help :)


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