Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Craigslist Vanity

I am constantly on the prowl for furniture... 

This little terrible thing was found on craigslist...

My Mom really liked it and it will be used in the makeover in her "dining" area.
She wanted to use it as a buffet.

(I wish I would have kept the picture from craigslist)

Before I SAW it with my own eyes I knew it has potential .

Oh man.. but once we got there I was on disappointed person.

What YOU don't see in the picture is

What else don't you see?

It is missing a castor in the back

It had peeled veneer that was painted over

The entire side is warped and was painted over

Even if I wanted to put in a mirror, I couldn't the support for it is broken and glued back on

AHHH!!! Nightmare. 

At least it didn't have a rats nest in it. 
(yes I've had this happen)

When we got to the sellers house...she gave me a story about whatever.. blah blah

Then she showed me that the one drawer front had been replaced which is why it doesn't shut properly.

She did come down $5.00 on the price... so my Mom ended up paying $10.00

Let me REMIND you what it looked like...

and now... after a few coats of black paint and some white legs.

(these are the good kind of white legs, not like mine)

This was a simple and easy job...

Happy with the turn out... it will look great in the room...

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  1. That looks great! Can't wait to see it in the room!


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