Friday, August 2, 2013

Real Life. Xbox360, Netflix and Technology.

A blog post? Yes! Its True!

Last night, awhile I was trying to relax a bit.. surfing pinterest I came across a pin titled

It really was inspirational. It made me think, if she can share something I can too.

Lately I have been feeling overwhelmed, drowning actually. It might have to do with the girls being home for the summer. Everywhere I turn I see something to do (that I don't want to do) or something to clean, pick up you name it.

It ALL really started when...

In June my husband when on a mission trip called "Salkehatchie" in South Carolina. (Please feel free to visit the link) On that trip he was pretty much without any of his normal comforts. Which meant no Xbox, Xboxlive, TV, Netflix, whatever else comes with the whole shebang. My husband was VERY addicted to gaming, he did it constantly. In the begining we argued over it, I grew to just tolerate it. What I really, what we really did was disconnect from each other. I said it was okay because "at least he is home ans safe, not one of those guys out running around and partying". It was also a way he was able to connect to certain youth who also enjoyed the gamer lifestyle. Well, back to June... he didn't watch TV, Play Xbox anything for over a week. This week changed his life, he reevaluated his life during this time. Our nights used to consist of him coming home from work, playing a game or us watching tv. Not together but, again disconnected. We have maybe watched 5 hours of Tv total in our home since June, yes you heard that right. Xbox live has not been used except for my daughter who plays. (I'll get to that in a minute)

We disconnected Netflix and I thought my kids were going to die. Seriously, my two daughters are so dependent on technology they couldn't imagine living without the ability to watch TV for hours upon hours. (even though I limited TV time) Sirius Radio, disconnected too, while it was nice to have in the car it was expensive and unneeded. Again, my oldest daughter complained and complained about having to listen to commercials again. 

My oldest daughter is 100% addicted to technology. Xbox, Xbox live, Minecraft, Cell phones (no she doesn't have one of her own), computers ect. I saw it take away the humanity in her and create a mindless drone. (okay that is VERY excessive, but at her age nothing else was important to her). Sadly, my husband never really understood why I didn't want her to have her own Xbox or anything until he came home a changed man. We limited her, which she was excessively unhappy about. BUT... she could go to her best friends house and play all she wanted. She stayed up until 6am one night/morning playing games while her BF went to bed. While she was honest with us, she was disciplined.  The second night we asked her do not stay up late, please you have swim lessons the next day. Picked her up, found out she had not gone to bed till 5am. Yes, that ENTIRE time playing Minecraft. She was not spending time with her best friend like what was intended she was spending time in front of a tv screen, like an addict. Disciplined this time, by taking away her Xbox360. 

Now, let me step back a bit. Netflix gone, my kids actually had to FIND things to do? It was like they didn't know how. What had I done? Again, I am going off the deep end, they found stuff, they did not constantly watch TV but I admit they did watch WAY to much on certain days when I just needed a break, when I needed to disconnect a bit. Can I tell you, that in almost a month of no TV (Netflix) that they play games together? they play together? they are getting along better? they are actually tolerating each other? YES! My GOD it is true!

Xbox has been gone out of Shelby's room for almost a week now. She cried and was miserable for a couple of days, but she is reading again and finding constructive things to do rather then sit in front of the tv like a moth to the flame. 

NOW... let me say I have allowed them to watch UNC-TV/PBS and Discovery VERY LIMITED. VERY VERY LIMITED. 

I am seriously considering selling both Xbox's, all games and us drawing closer again as a family. But... then my problem. I am addicted to social networking, blogs, pinterest you name it. Me? Yes I too have an issue. I could live without TV but I could NEVER live without my computer! I used it for far more then facebook, blogs and pinterest. It is how I keep up with news, weather, ect. But, I am very much addicted to it. (We do only have 1 laptop in our house.)

Wow, a tiny glimpse into my life. A small or maybe large step in the right direction for simplification. Now what does any of this have to do with the blog post I saw? 

I am VERY much considering taking away toys.  Not for good, not in the same way but similar. My youngest daughter has SOOOOOO much that she doesn't know what she has. Her room is always messy. We help her clean only for it to explode once again. My goal is to box things up and organize them, 1 thing out a time, a day. Now, I am and can be a HUGE push over. Two little blue eyes staring up at me, I am not my strongest.

 I too have the same issue the blog author did, my kids think they need EVERYTHING. We went to a local Fort, Fort Macon and both of them left in tears because we would not by them anything. That included a $50.00 replica cannon, I think not. Mom and Dad here live on a budget, a very strict one (also newly added to our lives) with no room for anything they don't "need". 

Awe, man this is gonna be a hard new adventure... one that will have success and failure. It may not be so hard though, we don't have smart phones. I have a very basic cell phone, we don't have cable or satellite. I want to be simple, basic and bring my family back to a loving caring foundation where each of us are close to one another without silly distractions.

One step at a time. 

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